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Electrical propulsion


Electric machines have an efficiency of 85-95% over most of the output range. This is considerably higher than conventional combustion engines, which at best reach 30-35% efficiency. Another advantage of electric motors is that they have full torque at very low speeds, which means that in most cases they do not require a gearbox between the motor and the driving wheels. An electric drive system can be constructed with few mechanical components and minimal power losses compared to conventional powertrains.

At HRM we have the privilege of working with several manufacturers in the development of tomorrow's solutions for sustainable vehicle technologies. We have expertise and vast experience in the electric propulsion field and can offer services in the following areas:

Hybrid and electrical systems

  • Requirements composition for systems and components
  • Software development and diagnostics
  • Strategies for brake regeneration and charging
  • Electronic architecture and high voltage wiring
  • Electrical Safety and EMC influence

Electrical power components and power electronics

  • DC / DC-converters
  • Electrical machines
  • Traction inverters
  • On-board charger

Model-based simulation for driving cycles regarding

  • Electric power systems
  • Efficiency optimization
  • Range prediction

Advanced electric field service

  • Troubleshooting
  • Analysis
  • Repair

Log System for data analysis

  • Drive systems
  • Battery monitoring
  • GPS positioning



Contact Mats Rogbrant, +46 70 590 94 04 for more information.

Scroll down the page to read more about energy storage for future vehicles

Energy storage


Battery development is progressing rapidly towards safer and cheaper battery cells. This development is essential for pure electric vehicles to have their breakthrough. There are also high demands on the vehicle battery monitoring system that actively balance the cells during charging, power output and regeneration to achieve maximum range. Durability, range and not least cost, are critical factors that impact the overall performance of electric cars.

HRM has expertise in energy storage - especially within energy batteries for pure electric vehicles and power batteries regarding hybrid applications. We have the knowledge to develop the battery pack with climate control of the battery modules and all its cells for optimized performance and durability as well as preventing overheating.

As a vehicle integrator, we are faced with the challenge of adapting the installation of the battery to the chassis structure so that the handling and crash performance is affected by increased and redistributed weight.

HRM has experience in security work in the electronic field, primarily for the installation and integration of the battery pack in the vehicle and also the safety of the driver/passengers. In normal driving, a comprehensive monitoring of voltage and temperature in the battery is required. Should excessive heat develop in the battery, then the driver/passengers are protected by the battery enclosure.

In case of a serious car accident, it is important that the battery is well protected between the wheel axles and within the car's deformation zones. The car's monitoring system will immediately turn the power off to avoid electrical injuries.

HRM has extensive experience with cell balancing, charging technology and the development and vehicle integration of battery packs, and can offer services in the following battery technologies:


Battery Monitoring System - BMS

  • System Requirements
  • Electrical Safety
  • Cell Balancing
  • On board charger

Developing the battery pack

  • Design of battery pack
  • Climate control
  • Vehicle installation
  • Design of safety cage
  • Prototyping

Verifying and validating of critical safety regulation

  • Component Security
  • Personal safety



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