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Technology and Environment in collaboration – Profitable and sustainable

HRM is an engineering company with specialists in a wide range of areas. We deliver advanced solutions that are synonymous with high quality to the automotive industry and other industries that have high demands in the areas of efficiency and environmental awareness.

 Our main areas of expertise are mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electronics and software development. For more than a decade,

environmental awareness has also been an area of expertise we excel at. Alternative fuels and energy technology, yet also business development and quality management, are areas that have direct or indirect impacts on the environment.

HRM will help you, your company and your products to find the right path towards a strong position in today’s society.

HRM is involved in the development of hybrid and electric vehicles


No one has been able to escape the fact that electric and hybrid cars are the future of transportation. Major vehicle manufacturers and new businesses now show concept vehicles, prototypes and even production cars, both electric and hybrid.


The breakthrough is happening right now, even if prices for electric vehicles are still very high and the milage is more limited than conventional vehicles.

The technology is available as are the applications and development, which will make prices and milage more attractive.


HRM has worked with dozens of development projects relating to electric and hybrid vehicles for both manufacturers in Sweden and abroad.

If you would like to find out more about our programs and our expertise in the field click here.

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